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Server Grand Opening Started!

Welcome To Lineage ii iPlay

Progresive Chronicle project

 we are starting with one simple goal: provide a balanced and plain long-term Interlude server without wipes, just people playing the game we love the old and hard way. The main features of the server are the x5 rates, no P2W donations, no free exp/item, custom events daily. This allow players to enjoy every single class no matter which one it is, all classes are useful and playable. The other thing that makes iPlay so special is our ban policy: We do not have mercy with cheaters and we do not tolerate any kind of abuse, exploit or bot, as well as having a very strong policy against RMT (real-money-trade).

Server Rates

These features and the honest server management among with the help and love provided by our large community turns iPlay into the perfect place for those players looking for a long-term server and an old school game experience. We are doing this as a hobby, we all have an IRL full time job for living. That’s the reason because we can set a server without P2W donations. The server has some monthly costs (hosting, security, promotion…) which costs are covered with player donations. You can check the full list of available donations here, but none of them will provide you any kind of in-game advantage. Everything can be obtained for free by voting for the server on the tops and events.
There is no plan to wipe the server anytime, we want it to last as long as possible regardless of the number of active players. We provide a lifespan guarantee (for us this is a very serious thing, since most of the server open and close time to time, our priority is to provide a place where you can play, stop and come back and your account and ingame stuff will be always there).

Retail Features:

Custom Features:

Epic Raids Info

Queen ant

24 hours+6 (actual Time)


42 hours+6 (actual Time)


125 hours+6 (actual Time)


197 hours+6 (actual Time)


33 hours+6 (actual Time)


45 hours+6 (actual Time)


268 hours+6 (actual Time)


48hours+6 (actual Time)

Other Raids

12 hours+12 (actual Time)

vote reward websites

Individual web vote system Info

Vote for our server using our Vote Panel and get your Rewards! Our vote system is individual and it can be used once every 12h!

Npc Oxinia the iPlay manager can be found in every town or village ! She will offer you grade deals  like l2days scrolls (1h time buffs) potions, recipes soulshots,Bsoe BSOR and many other things talk with her to find out more! Please use Google Chrome  to vote ! to avoid any problems!   

How to use Vote Panel —>Click ME

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